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Photo by Lauryn Holmquist

Remember your first loveletter? I remember it clearly.

I had been in love with this guy for a really long time never having the nerves to ask him out. One day I finally got it together and stuffed an envelope with candy (did someone say bribing?!) and wrote a loveletter asking if he wanted to be my boyfriend. I still remember the anticipation and the daydreams of me and him together…

This is my loveletter to you and this time I don’t expect an answer, I only hope you will make yourself a cup of tea, relax and look through this recipe of enjoyment.

From the album entitled “Have one on me” by Joanna Newsom, listen to the sad, but beautiful song “On a Good Day”.

1 breakfast
With an Arnold Bennet omelet made by The Delicious Miss Dahl.

1 night
With the beautiful Carey Mulligan in the movie An Education directed by Lone Scherfig. The movie is about a young girl falling in love with an older man and her sudden lack of interest in her previous education plans at Oxford and her new passion for Paris and love.

1 walk
To the shop Books for Cooks in Nottinghill and see if you can get a table in their little café.

3 big mouthfuls
Of a Millefeuilles delight from the French family bakery PAUL.

5 cups
Of Clipper’s green tea, because they make incredible good tea and I love their packaging.

1,5 slurps
Of a Tutti Frutti smoothie at Smiths of Smithfield in the meatpacking district of London.

Loads of
trips to Kenwood House in Hamstead Heath in North London.

Many baths
With the body cleanser named: A Rose By Any Other Name by Aesop. Because it’s based on the highest-quality plant-based ingredients and their prices are reasonable.