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Growing older

Hi there my friend. Time flies, and I know I haven’t been active for a while now. Even though it’s been touch to admit it, I need to put an end to Wunderbuzz now. However, I have decided that Wunderbuzz can stay as an archive of my work, since I started the blog in 2008. So you can always dig into the huge catalog of wonderful explorations.

Many things have changed since 2008, and now I am the co-founder of Maammo which is a passion project of mine. It’s a modern Nordic toyshop and we sell a carefully curated selection of playful objects, made around the globe. Hope you’ll check it out.

Thanks for following me all this time, lots of love, Signe


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Wunder Letter

Say hi to Jenna

Jenna Lundin is the type of woman, that can fool you at first glance. She seems calm and laid-back, but when you get to know her you realise how many projects she has going on and how ambitious she is. She was born in Switzerland, moved to New York to study Middle Eastern Studies & International Politics at NYU and after graduation she worked 3 years at Vogue Magazine’s art department. She then moved to London to get a Diploma in Contemporary Art History and in the Summer 2012, she set up the pop-up exhibition SEART in Stockholm for up-and-coming artists. She is currently doing a masters at The Courtauld Institute of Art. I don’t think I need to say anymore.

We are very happy to have Jenna as our new contributor at Wunderbuzz, I hope you will take good care of her. Big welcome!

Say hi to Iona

Iona Goulder immediately caught my eye in the film course we took together. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and has an amazing personal style. Iona is one of those women who has access to her grandmother’s amazing closet, so you’ll always see her wearing incredible hats and old tweed jackets. But it’s not just her looks that’s worth mentioning, she’s a very curious and intelligent woman, who pushes me to new heights in my own work because she’s so ambitious herself. Iona is on her final year of art history at Goldsmiths College and I have very high hopes for what she’s going to achieve in the future.

Iona is from now on a new contributor at Wunderbuzz, which I’m very pleased with. So a big welcome to her, I hope you’ll take good care of her.

New design, new chapter

Vintage photo. Unknown photographer.

Celebrating inspiring women & femininity

From 2008 – today, Wunderbuzz has developed from being about “fashion globally, from the core to the periphery, with an ambition to be a hub of wonderful things that inspire” into “Explorations of wonderful creations”. Throughout this development, one consisting theme has always been femininity and the celebration of women.

Therefore, I have decided to bring this even more into focus in the next period of Wunderbuzz’ life. I have teamed up with two amazing contributors (whom I will tell you more about shortly) and the ambition is to turn Wunderbuzz into a community committed to the intellectual, artistic and visionary pursuits of the Twenty-first century woman.

For this, Daniel Flösser from Field:Lab did his magic and has made the design even more simplistic, encouraging you to delve further into the posts and removing unnecessary noise and distractions. I hope you like it!

If you are interested in being a contributor, I would love to hear from you. Send me an email here.