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Minimarket AW10

Humor and the will to play with fashion was the feeling I was left with after the Minimarket show at City Hall Friday night. And to try to sum up a colour palette wouldn’t be possible at all. Tendencies from the 80′s, 20′s, 70′s and 60′s was mixed with a very striking urban/tribal theme, which was clearest in the models’ face-paint, and the rumbling drums playing before the show started. Minimarket is truly a breath of fresh air, that simply blowed away all other dark, classic AW10 collections of the Copenhagen Fashion Week. And symbolized with an oversized mikado game as entrance Minimarket reminded everybody that the jungle of fashion should be like a childhood game: fun and joyful!


Signe has combined the outfits with artworks by Hvass & Hannibal.


With no music, no logo and nothing else to set the atmosphere, Norwegian FIN truly stated their ideas about a better environment. The surroundings appeared very clean, and I was soon pushed in a no-nonsense mindset. This show was only to be about the clothes, nothing else. As it all started the large screen was light, and the logo appeared sharp, together with music that sounded like it belonged to the Scandinavian fells.  Contrary most fashion shows FIN started with their two most spectacular spieces; Two long dresses, which to me seamed to be constructed in memoriam of one of the greatest designers the world have ever seen: French Madeleine Vionnet. Drapings and knots were the main theme of the entire collection, and with a cold color palette consisting of black, grey, dusty blue and beige a simple, but clean look walked down the catwalk.


Signe has combined the outfits with photos by Nicholas Alan Cope.

Wackerhaus AW10

With a name such as “We Art Deco” the Wackerhaus AW10 collection involuntary created very high expectations. And they were all met. The entrance  was build by cubistisk light boxes, true to the art deco style, which only made the location at the city hall even more perfect. The entrance and the old building from the early 1900′s formed a striking contrast, it visually created a perfect room for the very classic, yet modern collection. The inspiration had clearly been the 30′s, with a little drop of 80′s: A fake, wavy sidecut, high-waisted pants, jackets and silky shirts. All in all the collection contained rather maskuline styles, all made with feminine details, and in very light materials. I particular like the metal elf ears and the contrast between the clothes and the hard 80′s music.


Signe has combined the outfits with art deco patterns from V&A.

Spon Diogo AW10

Last night Spon Diogo held court at Hotel Nimb’s large high-ceilinged fireplace hall. The fire was light, and classically dressed waiters served redwine while everybody was seated. With no music playing there was plenty of time to focus on the beautiful room, and the people in it. Pictures was taken, and more red wine was served. The warmth from the fireplace slowly ate me up, and when the show finally started I got a serious shock. Suddenly the light went on, and from the speakers came the sound off up-tempo electronic music. The first model walked on the catwalk faster than I ever have seen anybody walk, and so it went on. Black, grey and blood-red clothing rushed by, and all of a sudden it was all over. It all just left me with the memories of sculptural dresses, see-trough shirts with big shoulders, hair like unicorns, and aboce all, the word “space-amazons”.

diogo-2diogo-11diogo-3 copyDiogo-4

Signe has combined the outfits with photos from various sources.

Louise Amstrup AW10

With a video of drops of color in water (looking a lot like smoke) and loud electronic music the The City of Lost Children collection from Louise Amstrup constructed a very urban environment. Black, blue and grey were the main colors. But added a very dramatic color-in-water print it all turned out very feminine. There were lots of sculptural short dresses, on top of long see-trough basic t-shirts, and some very beautiful pants-suits. I particularly liked the suit. It had a perfect mix of 80′s power-woman and the Inter-war periods La Garconne, and was flawlessly styled with short, flat boots and short hair.  Besides that it was that little extra, and something different, that made the rest of the collection stand out much clearer: “The significant other”, so to say! Or a drop of androgynous in the feminine ocean.


Signe has combined the outfits with photos by David Maisel.

Ivana Helsinki AW10

With a mix between 70′s boheme, and 80′s glam-rock the Copper Chain Collection from Ivana Helsinki creates a ladylike, yet raw silhouette. Yesterday afternoon the copper chains were everywere; hanging from the roof, around the necks of the models, and printed (in various forms) on almost every single piece of clothing showed at the catwalk. Tights and oversize knits, mixed with dresses and lots of glitter, mostly in black, brown and copper, only with a little splash of green and blue.


Signe has combined the outfits with paintings by Molly Dilworth.