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Amalie Bruun – Musician

Amalie cirkel

Amalie’s selfportrait

Was born the 6th of January 1985 in Denmark and now lives in New York City. She started singing to her fathers records when she was 1-year old and the music has been her call ever since. After moving to New York her talent has been noticed by many different people. She won the NY Songwriter’s Circle International Award 2008 for her song “Tell Me” and has been playing gigs at “Googie’s Lounge” and “The Bitter End”. Her EP, “Housecat” which was recorded at Trout Recordings in Brooklyn has just been released and can be heard here. Acting on a hunch has furthermore led to her internship at Creative Exhange where she is assisting different photographers. It’s important for her to enjoy every moment and to not have any fears.

What is the best time of day?
11 AM

What is music to you?
Pretty much everything

Have you always wanted to be a musician?

When did you start?
When I was maybe 1 year old and started singing along to my father’s records.

Do you feel like a danish musician or as part of a global setup?
I feel global baby

Describe your style as a good friend would describe it.
Very laid back, jeans, tank top, blazer, boots

What is definetly not your style?

Where do you find inspiration?
All kinds of places. old movies, books, people, love, hate, fashion… my life I guess.

Favourite magazine?
Rolling Stone

What kind of music do you hear right now?
Rock music.. a lot of the black keys, rolling stones and some hip hop as well.

Do you have a muse?
Sounds cheesy, but my mom inspires me a lot. whenever I don’t know what’s wrong or right, I think of what she would have done.

Who’s your hero?
Mick Jagger. I want to be Mick Jagger. The photographer Sarah Moon is a badass, amazing woman.
My friend Brigitta is an outstanding woman as well, and I look up to her in a very positive way.

Is there a person you would love to write a song to?
Not at the moment.

How do you start on a new song?
Mostly on the piano or the glockenspiel. then comes a melody and some words… or maybe no words at all. Just little noises.

Where do you work on your songs?
With the glockenspiel I can work anywhere. just the other day, me and my friend walked down 7th street, me playing the glock, her singing ‘Hey Jude’.
Otherwise, wherever there is a piano or a little notepad where I can write lyrics.

Do you discuss your work with other musicians?
Only the ones I actually play with.

How do other musicians work affect yours?
John-Paul, Jannina and Pete are the musicians that play in my band. They put their personality into my songs and I feel unbelievably lucky to have that kind of people around me to interpret my music.

Which challenges have you met in your work?
Tsk tsk… them all. “Make a record with us! But not with your own songs!”
“sign the dotted line! and you will be shelved for two years without really getting any record out!”
Slimy men promising all kinds of things in order to sleep with you.
You have to be strong and hold on to what you have inside. and don’t forget why you started to make music when you were a child. Because you love MUSIC and you can’t stop playing.

Describe an evolution in your work,
from your first projects to the present day.

Haha! That is impossible. I never sit still. And I have been playing music for 23 years. So that would be a loooong story.

Which project has given you the most satisfaction?
My EP. I recorded it in Trout, Brooklyn in late 2008 and now it is finally out on iTunes worldwide.
Those five songs ended up sounding just the way I hoped and dreamed they would. And it was a lot of fun recording it too. All the guys were incredibly hungover from Halloween the day before. The drummer kept falling a sleep. And we played on chairs, hammers, metal pipes and of course real instruments! And now being able to play shows in NY with the band feels so good.

What advice would you give to an aspiring musician?
Hang in there!!! Be smart, don’t let people step on you, listen to those who know what they’re talking about, block out the bla-bla-bla. And hold on to what YOU think is right.

What’s the next project?
Making my album in NY. Oh, and I’m learning how to play the drums which is very fulfilling – in the sense that I like to hit things with sticks.

What are you afraid of regarding the future?
Everything and nothing! This could be my last five minutes alive, so I try to enjoy every moment and to not have any fears. Always act out of love and not fear.