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Wunderbuzz was born in 2008 by Signe Kassow out of a need to share and collect everyday inspirations. The femininity and celebration of women has been apparent from the early start in the visual style of the featured photography, the topics in the posts and the design of the site.

Today, Wunderbuzz is a boundless space for women to inspire, interact and explore, celebrating cerebration, curiosity and femininity. We hope to offer a view of the world that is positive, a vision that can inspire intellect and curiosity, and a place in which to change, discover and enjoy through all aspects of life.

Signe Kassow

Benedetta Braccini
Iona Goulder
Jenna Lundin
Livia Satriano
Nadja Loran

We have also had lovely contributions by singer & songwriter Amalie Bruun, freelance writers Abi Williams and Pamela Peter-Agbia and historian Cecilie Nielsen.

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