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Monthly Archive for August, 2013

Subversion of the images

Paul Nougé was a poet, a philosopher, a photographer, an activist and a friend of René Magritte, with whom he is portrayed in this picture (Nougé is the smiling guy on the right).

These pictures by Nougé are part of a series called “La subversion des images” (“Subversion of the images”) which were taken between 1929 and 1930. They look incredibly modern and so ahead of their time. Maybe the name Francesca Woodman rings a bell?

Paul Nougé, A New Way of Juggling, 1929

Paul Nougé (1895–1967)- Magnetic table, 1929-1930.

Paul Nougé, Coat suspended in space, c. 1929-1930

Paul Nouge, Birth of an Object, 1930

Paul Nougé, Les Voyantes

Paul Nougé, Le bras révélateur

Paul Nouge, Cils Coupes, 1929

Paul Nougé, Les Profondeurs du Sommeil

Paul Nougé, Les oiseaux vous poursuivent

Paul Nougé, Sans Titre, ca. 1930