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Monthly Archive for April, 2012

Eating a Banana

The self-portrait entitled “Eating a Banana” by British artist Sarah Lucas changed her own perception of her ‘masculine’ appearance from being a disadvantage to being something she could use in her art.

“I suddenly could see the strength of the masculinity about it – the usefulness of it to the subject struck me at that point, and since then I’ve used that”

Susan Sontag in a bear suit

Love this photo of Susan Sontag. Even more because I read this article the other day, where she says:

“Things I dislike: sleeping in an apartment alone, cold weather, couples, football games, swimming, anchovies, mustaches, cats, umbrellas, being photographed, the taste of licorice, washing my hair (or having it washed), wearing a wristwatch, giving a lecture, cigars, writing letters, taking showers, Robert Frost, German food.”

By Annie Leibovitz.