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Monthly Archive for January, 2012

Inside Out

I like the simple, yet inspiring idea behind this beauty video by Annelise Phillips for The Last Magazine.

I also love that my friend Amalie Bruun is the person reading out the poem and she wrote the music for the video.

Annelise Phillips’ thoughts behind the idea:

I wanted to create a stripped-down beauty piece, showing what it’s like to be watched and be watching, thus “Inside Out.”

As I began to film, my idea for the piece completely changed. I found myself directing Milou but at the same time following her. My position became ambiguous.

Simplifying things

You might have noticed some changes to the site. I’m trying to simplify (my Scandinavian gene is still alive) things a bit. Wunderbuzz is already more than three years old, and many things have changed; I’m now studying a postgraduate diploma in contemporary art history at Goldsmiths University, which is taking much (ed. all) of my time. I’ve changed my main focus from a fashion-oriented into a more “visual culture”-oriented focus. I’m sometimes blogging from my iPhone, which I also use as my camera, so I felt like I had to change the site accordingly to these new things. I hope you like it, I would love your feedback!

Favourite place

I love walking along Regents Canal in London, it is a nice way to get some fresh air and being close to water always calms me.

I have photographed my favourite place at Regents Canal using my iPhone.

Marianne Breslauer

Self-portrait, Berlin 1930

H&M Design Award – UK Finalist

My lovely friend Stine Riis has been chosen as the UK finalist in H&M’s Design Award. Here’s a little video about her and her collection.

You can follow the complete H&M Design Award here.

You are never too old

to dress up. I love these women.

YouTube Preview Image

Eve Arnold



Photos by Eve Arnold

I feel red today



Pink Velour

Jayne Mansfield’s bedroom 1961


Willy Ronis

Le chat derrière la fenêtre, 1956