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Monthly Archive for June, 2011

Candy Barr

Candy Barr was an American stripper, burlesque exotic dancer, actress in one pornographic movie, and model in men’s magazines of the mid 20Th. century. I love her dance moves in this clip from the film “My Tale Is Hot” from 1964. The music is the song The Stroll by The Diamonds.

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Tales Of Endearment

Hope you all have had a lovely day today. I have a blog recommendation for you guys, it’s called Tales Of Endearment. The reason I found this blog is because Amalie Bruun sent me the link to the recent blog-post, featuring a video with her music. The blog is written by Natalie Joos, who’s a Fashion Consultant and Casting Agent living in Brooklyn, NYC. Here’s the video with Amalie’s music, Natalie tells about her sister Evelien Joos. Very beautiful.

One Thousand Pictures

HBO really knows how to do good TV. They recently had the premiere for a new documentary called “One Thousand Pictures“. It’s created by Jennifer Stoddart to tell the story of Robert Kennedy’s funeral train through the stories of many of the people who waited to see it. This story is particularly told through the photographs of Paul Fusco who was on the train tirelessly taking pictures of the vast cross section of Americans who came to pay their respects to the assassinated Senator.

Photo by Paul Fusco

Bettie Page by Weegee

(c) Weegee/International Center of Photography/Getty Images



Inspiration of today

Stine Riis BA runway show

I went to Stine Riis’ BA graduate show and my heart was beating away from excitement for my lovely friend. The show was amazing, and if this wasn’t enough she won the Biddle Sawyer Silks Award for most innovative use of fabric!! I will interview her very soon, so keep your eyes out for more info about her on Wunder.
Here’s the show for you to see:


Lovely music to my ears.

These scars of mine make wounded rhymes tonight

Nudes by Jean Clemmer

Jean Clemmer was a member of the french avant-garde art & intellectual circles from the 1940s to the 1960s. for over 20 years he was intinsically involved with Salvador Dali – he was also Dali’s personal photographer. he was also close friends with artist Jean Cocteau & collaborated with designer Paco Rabanne.  Clemmer was a painter, a violinist, a surrealist and a photographer. His erotic nudes were banned in parts of France even as the country was in the throws of a sexual revolution.