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Monthly Archive for May, 2011

Olivia & Cecilie

The lovely Olivia Frølich has again been the photographer behind Cecilie Bahnsen‘s collection, and again it’s a perfect match. If I ever turn into a fashion designer, I want Olivia to shoot my collection. Nuff said.


Amalie in Wonderland

Amalie is soon releasing her first music video, and I’m sure it will be amazing. Here’s a still from it by Nina Mouritzen:

The video is shot and directed by Conway Liao, produced by Lauren Garroni.


Anna Karina looks amazing in this still picture from Alphaville.


Everything I have

Everything I Have, 2008 By Simon Evans. (Pen, paper, scotch tape, white out60 1/4 X 40 1/8 inches)

Stranger than paradise 

Louise Benson has been taking photographs on the side for a couple of years, and she sent me a series she took one Summer in Normandy. They remind me of a fairy-tale and there’s something interesting about the way the photos look like they have aged in the sun too long.