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Happy Holidays

Aesop – London Guide

My favorite skincare product, Aesop has created a little guide of places to go to in London. I can only agree with them, so I thought I would share it with you.

Click below to see the guide.

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I love this photo by Andre Gelpke from Salambo St.Pauli Hamburg 1976.

I’m a story teller

I tell my stories through pictures.


Vanity is my favorite sin.

— Al Pacino

A cool woman

Who's the coolest woman you know?

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Is there anything more classy than writing on a typewriter with leather gloves on? I doubt it.

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Miracles and Traumas of Technology

If you happen to be in New York at the moment, you should check this exhibition out.

Miracles and Traumas of Technology is a one night show case, in which thirteen New York based photographers will be reflecting upon the ever more prevalent presence of technology in our lives. This hot topic will be explored through both photography and video pieces.

Curated by Rosanna Bach and Matteo Lonardi, two Parsons students who took the initiative to give fellow emerging photographers a chance to present their talents to the big apple itself. Both photography and video work will be presented in Soho’s very own CVZ Contemporary Gallery.

The exhibition will showcase reflections upon the ever more prevalent presence of technology in our lives.