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Monthly Archive for October, 2010

Laura Laine

I’ve written about her before, and I still love her work. Many other people share that opinion as you can see on her amazing portfolio. This is a logo she created for a store in Finland. Guess why I decided to post this.

Logo for Wunder Fashion Store, Helsinki, Finland in collaboration with Chris Vidal

Jody Rogac

I just noticed Jody who’s born in England and raised in Canada, but currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. I love her work.

A selection of Jody's photographs

See more of her work here.

Son of a Gun

By Oh Land styled by Vanessa Chow represented by CXA.


Anna Murray is the Art Director at Patternity — a London based design studio specialising in the discovery & application of pattern within the Fashion, Interior & Luxury fields. Together with the Textile & Surface Designer, Grace Winteringham, they share their vision & mutual appreciation for pattern found everywhere & everyday ‘from the mundane to the magnificent’. I’m very intrigued by their “ressource” blog, which is a daily curated image archive of patterns. They just recently released their product for A/W 2010, which is a limited edition, geometric hand-printed tights.

The A/W 2010 tights

Images from the "Resource" blog.

Can’t wait to see what they will be up to in the future.

Blade Runner

Nice photo, from a fantastic film.

Elle Muliarchyk

The reader who’s been with Wunder since the early beginning knows that I love the work of Elle Muliarchyk, as I’ve written about her several times; here, here and here!

And yet again I have to write about her work. This time she’s created a video for New York Times Magazine. The title is “Psychics”.

She still mainly photographs herself, but has also shot several shoots with other models and a fashion week diary for New York Times.

Below is some more of her work, if you want to see even more go here.

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Dale Frank

Love these paintings by Dale Frank.

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Tibetan Nomad Girl

Love this Tibetan nomad girl from Degang Valley, Kham, eastern Tibet. Photo by Alison Wright.

Vogue 1909

25 Cents.

I want chocolate

I’m in love. Check out Chocolate Research Facility.