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Monthly Archive for June, 2009

Carré Otis

Born in 1968 in San Francisco Carré has had many different experiences in her life. Her parents were alcoholics and she also began drinking when she was ten! Then she started modeling at the age of 16 and became a supermodel from 1968-1992. Along with the supermodel life — where she was featured on many fashion magazine covers — she was addicted to cocaine and heroin.

She has always been considered a sexy model and has appeared in the 1996 Pirelli calendar and Playboy. Carré made the whole world upset when she and her co-star Mickey Rourke filmed an unsimulated sex scene in the movie Wild Orchid. Although her life has been tough she somehow always managed to get back on track anyway.

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Night Terror


Laura Marling is a young singer/songwriter from the UK and here is my favorite song from her album ‘My Manic And I’.

Night Terror

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Another one of Jane Birkin‘s daughters — this time with the infamous Serge Gainsbourg as the father. And you can image how the result will be: beautiful, talented and chic. Charlotte Gainsbourg is definitely all of these things.

The Welt has interviewed her about fashion:

To be honest I’m no fashion icon.
I don’t care for the latest trends. I almost never go to
fashion shows. Most of the time I wear casual stuff like
jeans and sneakers because I feel comfortable in them.


Charlotte with her mother and father

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Cindy Crawford

by Herb Ritts…

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Is it true?

that we’re all wanting to return too our roots?

The agricultural community will become the planet’s new elite, dominating our essential needs and inspiring years of farmer styles. after all, the farmers of the future will clothe us, house us, feed us, fuel us and hopefully even heal us. ultimately they will be able to engineer design and grow furniture in a symbiosis of technology and biology, and therefore rural and urban lifestyles will merge and become one; resulting in an inversed social landscape with a greener city and a more contemporary countryside.

— Li Edelkoort

Russh Australia issue #29 July/August 2009 / The heart is a lonely hunter shot by Benny Horne.


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Rest In Peace MJ

A music legend. 1958 – 2009.

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Nick Knight


Has and will always be one of my favorite photographers. This is my favorite photo by him for Yohji Yamamoto.


I just browsed through the men’s fashion week SS10 in Paris and I got a bit irritated. Why is it that when I picture my boyfriend in the different outfits — I actually don’t want him to wear the most of it? And this was why I got all these questions in my head.

Why is it okay for women to dress up in everything from headbands to ankle bags when men are a bit too much if they were sandals? Is it me who has been brought up with this idea that men shouldn’t look to much over the top — or is it just a society thing that has constructed the way we should be and dress, as the different gender we are?

What if we only accepted women wearing the traditional womanly clothes — such as long dresses with bows — and that we would have to curl our hair in a special way? That would be the most boring thing ever. I find women even sexier when they just wear a T-shirt and some jeans.

Why does this have to be any different when we look at men? I hope we get to a point where men can wear anything they like and we still would find them sexy as hell.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

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Erotica in Fashion Photography

How have photographers like Helmut Newton changed the boundaries for how the fashion brands use sex in their marketing?

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Dylan in New York, yes please.

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