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Monthly Archive for May, 2009

Puma Competition


Puma has announced the winners in their design competition in collaboration with London College of Fashion. The students were given the special assignment to look at the relationship between fashion and music. Stine Riis Nielsen – a friend of mine and a student at London College of Fashion – recently won the first prize in the competition for best innovative design, and I want to show you her work. The judges loved her “knitwear” theme where she used techniques like macramé, crochet and weave.

Stine’s design will be exhibited at a central London gallery in Carnaby Street in August this year and showcased at Asos in Septemper.


I know this post could easily get a lot of hits because of the subject. But – I must admit it – I have an obsession with breasts. But not in a typically guy-magazine-about-women-and-cars kinda way. I love real breasts. Here’s some of my favorite photos of beautiful women with beautiful breasts, boobies or what you prefer.

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Everyone can be a model

Beautiful girls all around the world have opened their eyes for the bloguniverse and it’s now possible to read several online “diaries” where these girls write about their lives. Some write about their outfits others about what they eat and which events they attend. I think it’s very risky to write about yourself for the world to judge, but if you do a good job it can open many doors for you. Some of these girls actually succeed in making their “diaries” very interesting and inspiring. Here are some of the daily outfits selected bloggers have put on their blog for the world to see. Click on the images to see their blogs.



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Today's achingly beautiful song

I find it peculiar how some of the greatest artists are always fairly unknown to the masses, yet to other musicians, that same person is a god. Nick Drake is one of them. Full name Nicholas Rodney Drake suffered from depression and insomnia throughout his short life from 1948 – 1974 when he killed himself. This song is River Man.

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The Lady Noire Affair

This is an attempt to turn Dior back into an iconic brand, with products that have a true iconic status. “The Lady Noire Affair” is a black and white shortfilm inspired by Alfred Hitchcock and directed by Olivier Dahan. The film features a gorgeous Marion Cotillard. This is what John Galliano says about the shortfilm:

We wanted to capture the glamour, the intrigue, the heroine and the mysterious allure that radiates around her, Marion has brought the Dior woman to life. She is incredible.

0521dior1 Watch the shortfilm

Dammit Agyness


You make a grown woman cry.

Andy Warhol & Chanel

In 1980 Andy Warhol gave the Chanel No. 5 bottle a status as a cultural icon, when he created nine silk screens of the bottle. In 1959 The Museum of Modern Art in New York made the artposters a part of their permanent art-collection. Chanel futher reproduced them as a limited-edition box in 1982 and used them as a campaign in Paris in 1997.  The posters measure 20″ x 28″ inches. Here’s three of them:

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Streetwise is a documentary film from 1984, by director Martin Bell. It deals with homeless teenagers in Seatle and i would describe it as dirty pretty. It’s dark and tough, but very beautifully shot and portrayed. Here are a couple of images from the movie and part 1 (you can watch the rest of the movie on Youtube).


YouTube Preview Image

Olivia's Universe

Olivia Frølich has new work on her site – and I have picked out some photos for you to see. Still love her work.

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The Fashion Almanac

I stumbled upon this interesting project. Laura Bradley has created “The Fashion Almanac” and I love the idea of a more scientific approach to the fashion world. The Fashion Almanac is being described like this:

 For centuries, almanacs have continued to cater for a wealth of fields including agriculture, astronomy, economics, health, religion, science, technology and transportation. An increasingly popular genre of publishing,  these comprehensive compilations have continued to inform and/or entertain individuals. However, there is one prominent cultural field that has long been overlooked by the almanac. It is here, for the first time in the history of publishing, that the almanac centers on the world of fashion, taking its form as a magazine rather than the conventional book. The Fashion Almanac is a magazine in its purest sense, employing a conventional structure based around the components intrinsic to all women’s magazines.

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