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Monthly Archive for June, 2008


If you love fashion, style and art and you want to buy exclusive books about it, try to look at this websiteAssouline has become the fashion industry’s favorite publisher for books that are beautiful, splashy and highly flattering, says Los Angeles Times.

Here are some books I have to buy in the nearest future:

The fashion questionaire: 


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Fashion and sex

It’s old news that sex or sexual undertones is used in combination with fashion. Fashion is about clothes which again is about the body, and the body is about sex. Therefore it’s something we can’t avoid in one way or another. Thus some fashion magazines use sex more radically. An example is the Danish fashion magazine “S Magazine”, I really like the way they show the naked body more experimentally than other fashion magazines.

Another online forum, like a small version of SHOWstudio, is Coolgirl365. This is an online fashion magazine that combines fashion and a sexual undertone. Here’s is some of my favorite pictures:

Dina by Chris Heads:


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SHOWstudio is an online fashion broadcasting company committed to pioneering, live fashion media. This makes it possible for everyone to get direct connection to the closed, ‘insider’ world of high-end fashion, 24 hours per day.

“SHOWstudio is based on the belief that showing the entire creative process—from conception to completion—is beneficial for the artist, the audience and the art itself.

The forum is led by Nick Knight, and has collaborations with the world’s most soughtafter and influential photographers, artists, writers, designers and cultural figures. It also works as a global community where the viewers can respond and contribute to the projects. You should definitely check it out.

See the latest project created in collaboration with Replay, a romantic fashion film called: “Eyes of the beholder”. The film shows the Autumn/Winter ’08-09 collection and provides a seductive visual feast.

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Denmarks designschool

Now it’s time to promote an – in my opinion – upcoming danish designer. Johanne Toudahl has graduated from Denmarks Designschool this summer, and her last project is called “Struktur”.

The purpose of the project is to discover the field between jewelery and clothes, and the conditions between body and object. I think it has a similar feel  - as the swedish design –  to it.

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I love swedish designers, they offen knows how to give their clothes the right kind of special feeling, that makes me think of the feeling about buying vintage, that you know is special and one-of-a kind.

Especially Helena Hörstedt and Sandra Backlund decerves a post. I love the dress made out of pegs.

Helena Hörstedt:

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Style icon

This is not news, but I really like Chloé Sevigny in this fashionvideo for Kai Kühne. The director is Marcelo Krasilcic. This kind of commercial is the kind I remember and that makes me want to buy.

YouTube Preview Image

Hedi Slimane

I can’t stop staring at these beautiful pictures, and I love the way Hedi Slimane mixes a haute couture dress with messy hair and a cigarette. It’s hard to pick one picture out of the bunch, but this is one of my favorites.

I love Wang

Alexander Wang. He opened my eyes when I saw his first collection for spring 2007. Now it’s the Autumn/Winter 2008. He makes the most interesting, exclusive casual clothes with an edge, and I love it!

The new marketing in fashion

I have to mention the fashion blogs, a new kind of media, that have affected – in my oppinion – the way we learn about new fashion trends.

A fashion blog is defined at Wikipedia as:

“Solely or primarily dedicated to coverage of fashions in clothing and accessories.”

Fashion blogs provide a new way to follow fashion trends, and will therefore be likely to have a considerable long-term influence on the fashion industry.

An example of a fashion blog is facehunter.blogspot.com made by Yvan Rodic. The purpose is to show how the trendy young people dress in every big city in the world. Each day you’ll se a new picture of a trendy guy/girl and I allready have gained a lot of inspiration from – for instance – how girls in london dresses. See the picture from the blog.

Guerrilla model

This is something I really like.

Elle Muliarchyk is a model, who invented a new kind of art.

YouTube Preview Image

Staff typically assume she is either a shoplifter or a copyist stealing their designs, and there have been several occasions where she has been discovered, kicked out and even arrested. Despite this, Elle has no plans to tell the shops what she’s up to, thriving instead on the adrenaline of the fear of being caught.

I see this as another way to show people who you are – like fashion blogs – and an interesting kind of marketing for yourself.